Creating Teams 7 steps

Use teams to separate logical divisions in your organization's work. Teams are usually created for departments, locations, or divisions.

Teams are what Flow uses to keep different types of work separate and to group teams together. If you use Flow, you’ve been using a team, even if you’ve never created one—it’s where all tasks and projects live.

Teams can be used to break up the different departments in your company (like HR, Marketing, and Finance). Or maybe you run a design agency and you want to set up a team for each client project. Team owners and General members will have access to all unlocked teams, while Limited members have to be specifically invited to teams to gain access.



To create a new team, click the v next to the Team name on the left side of the blue header bar and select "Teams."


This will take you to the Teams page. If you can create teams for the organization, you will see a "Create new team" box. Click this to get started. 

Note: Owners and General team members can create teams that are covered by the Organization's subscription, while Limited users cannot.

Now, name your team and choose whether the team will be locked, which requires that you invite each team member, or shared, which allows all General members to access the team automatically. 


If you want to lock the team and require invite-only members simply toggle on the button beside "Lock this team." Note that Organization Owners can join locked teams without an invite. When you're happy with the team name and privacy settings click "Create Team."


The app will then open an "Invite Members" dialog where you can enter the names (if you already share a team with them) or emails of the users you want to work with in the team. 


Once you've entered the names/email addresses, a "Set permissions for new members" drop down will appear below the invite field. You have the option to "Limit their role," which means they will only see the projects they have been specifically invited to and cannot create or edit projects in the team.


Apart from Organization owners, who can access all of an Organization's teams and edit their contents, there are two team specific roles:

  • Member: Can view all shared projects in the team, create, edit and delete projects, as well as move projects to another team. 
  • Guest: Can access the tasks and projects they’re explicitly invited to and cannot create, edit or delete projects in the team. You invite guests via the project invite form, where they are listed as "Guest."

Once you’ve filled in all the details, click "Create Team" to save. You’ll now be able to access your team from the team switcher. You can make changes to your team settings at any time by editing your team.

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