Keep your company’s most important projects moving forward

  • Comm Green

    Streamline communication

    Don’t let bad communication ruin huge opportunities. Teams in Flow get visible priorities, and missteps become a thing of the past.

  • Team Green

    Maximize team productivity

    Your team’s time is precious. Flow’s where you'll be sure that everyone’s busy, and focused on only the most important projects.

  • Collaboration Green

    Move forward together

    Unify your startup’s spread-out departments, and let your team move the company forward together with a shared vision and clear goals.

We’ve tried every possible product over the years, and Flow is the only tool that has ever stuck.

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Adam Saint, VP Design

All the features your team needs, without any fluff

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  • Deep task management

    Assign tasks, subscribe stakeholders, add due dates and track to completion.

    Deep task management
  • Task delegation

    Get tasks off your plate, and give them to your team. Clear ownership means it gets done.

    Task delegation
  • Resource management

    Instantly see who’s busy and who isn’t. Balance workloads as needed.

    Resource management
  • Project scheduling

    Schedule tasks, and get a start-end view of any project in the calendar.

    Project scheduling
  • Guest accounts

    Bring in contractors to help during busy times. They’ll only see what you want them to see.

    Guest accounts
  • Live team communication

    Quickly hash out ideas in Flow Chat without losing time to meetings.

    Live team communication
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